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Lexaria has patented and commercialized the world’s newest innovative drug delivery technology (DehydraTECH™) that has been both laboratory and market proven to enhance the performance of several categories of drugs, always in oral and/or topical product formats.

Lexaria’s technology is easily applied through incorporation of an intermediate step in the formulation and manufacturing of existing or new orally-ingestible and topical products.  This step involves mixing the active ingredient or drug as a delivery “payload” together with certain fatty acids, infusing the mixture into a substrate material, and then using controlled dehydration synthesis processing to conjugate the payload and fatty acids together at a molecular level before integrating the newly-combined molecules into production.

Advancing Drug Delivery Technology 


DehydraTECH™ Delivers Better Pharmaceutical Absorption Rates 

Lexaria is changing the way Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are absorbed into the bloodstream with its groundbreaking DehydraTECH™ technology. This highly anticipated drug delivery technology comes with diverse application opportunities and is already turning heads from companies in major industries like cannabis and hemp, nicotine, and NSAIDs. 

DehydraTECH™ allows subjects to feel the drug’s effects within minutes rather than having to wait as long as two hours. Unwanted side effects are also mitigated by the avoidance of first-pass liver metabolism and both bio-absorption and brain permeation increase exponentially.

DehydraTECH™ Patent Portfolio Leads to Strategic Relationships with British American Tobacco and Altria Group

Lexaria’s strong IP patent portfolio includes 16 granted patents in addition to 60 pending patent applications. DehydraTECH’s powerful technologyhas led to unique relationships with two of the world’s largest nicotine companies. First was Altria Group Inc., which has licensed the platform for  oral nicotine delivery forms that don’t use needless fillers or damage the user’s lungs. Lexaria and Altria share ownership of Lexaria Nicotine LLC, whose data backed by lab testing points to this new form of oral nicotine having many benefits over today’s combustible and other options.

Most recently, Lexaria announced entering into a research and development framework agreement with industry giant British American Tobacco Limited (NYSE: BTI) to investigate Lexaria's technology for potential use in nicotine products. That company has products sold in over 11 million locations across more than 180 countries. All costs of the research will be covered by British American Tobacco.

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Lexaria Bioscience is a client of PCG Advisory, Inc., an investor relations and communications firm. Please see our disclosures on our website www.pcgadvisory.com.

Lexaria Bioscience Advances 2021 Strategic Initiatives

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Clinical Findings Reveal Opportunity in Multi-Billion Dollar Cannabinoid Industry

Lexaria’s role in the cannabis industry is similarly growing at a fast rate. To date, eight companies have licensed DehydraTECH™ for its oral delivery capabilities. This arm of Lexaria’s technology implementation is largely due to a 2018 study that confirmed DehydraTECH™’s superior effectiveness in cannabinoid absorption into blood plasma using a 90 mg dose of Lexaria’s TurboCBD™.

Specifically, the results revealed that the volunteers had 317% more CBD in their bloodstreams at the 30-minute mark, with a significantly higher peak blood concentration compared to participants with either a placebo or a traditional 90 mg dose of CBD. Participants using the TurboCBD™ oral formulation tested in that study also experienced lower blood pressure and higher brain perfusion. 

Lexaria recently announced its approval from a European university research hospital’s ethics board to conduct a more in-depth exploratory clinical study. The study will explore the impact of CBD paired with DehydraTECH™ on participants’ blood pressure levels, which could eventually lead to exciting pharmaceutical applications related to blood pressure medications, subject to further study.

Lexaria’s DehydraTECH™ has the ability to be widely applied throughout the global medical field

An important and timely opportunity may come in the fight against COVID-19.  Particularly noteworthy is the potential to use DehydraTECH™ with approved antiviral drugs. Lexaria is investigating how its proprietary technology could potentially be deployed to offer oral delivery with far fewer required doses compared to a needle injection. The technology’s distribution process is much easier and could cut back on the current burden facing the health care system. 

Planned Exchange Uplist in 2020

Lexaria announced that a major US exchange uplist program is underway, which can provide significant benefits to shareholders as well as boost company exposure to retail and institutional investments.

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