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Introducing HealthLynked Corporation

HealthLynked is an emerging leader in the expanding digital healthcare market. With over 500,000 patients using their cloud-based platform to share medical data with more than 800,000 providers across the U.S. in the HealthLynked directory, HealthLynked is well on its way to becoming the largest patient information network in the nation

Thanks to advanced machine learning, patient data is driving innovation at every level in the healthcare industry. But that data is only as good as the information patients are willing to provide. While others have been struggling to engage patients, HealthLynked has quietly built systems, algorithms, and hardware that will revolutionize the way patients share their data and interact with the healthcare system as a whole

HealthLynked helps providers offer better care to more patients

After patients enter their medical data (drug allergies, past surgeries, family history, etc.), HealthLynked’s secure platform works to sync their records across its network of connected providers. This allows healthcare professionals to:

  • coordinate better care when multiple providers are involved.
  • avoid subjecting patients to complex drug interactions
  • synchronize and deliver lab results in real-time

So far, in-network providers have enjoyed:

  • improved patient interaction and retention providing free Wi-Fi to waiting patients
  • increased efficiency utilizing our practice analytics tools obtained through utilizing the Patient Access Hub technology
  • decreased check-in times for patients using our Qwik Check patient check in system

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HealthLynked promotes the routine care that saves both dollars and lives

By applying sophisticated artificial intelligence to medical data, HealthLynked makes custom recommendations to each of its end-users. In the end, this helps patients:

  • help manage and stay on top of their healthcare needs
  • identify potentially serious conditions as early as possible
  • reduce healthcare costs and improve health outcomes

Patients can download the HLYK app and access HealthLynked’s constantly-expanding provider network at no charge. For $10 per year, they can upgrade and receive 1 GB of data storage, purchase discounted medical supplies, and receive several other health related discounts saving hundreds of dollars

HealthLynked has rolled out its proprietary Patient Access Hub and QwikCheck Smartphone Patient Check-in System and Practice Analytics in Florida. These products have received outstanding reviews from physicians and office managers. The concept proven, HealthLynked now plans to expand outside of Florida in the next quarter. The company is also developing a telemedicine platform which it plans to launch in the next six months

With more than 500,000 patients onboard and 800,000 providers in our directory, HealthLynked’s revenue has grown from $1.9 million to $4.8 million in the four past years. Our recently announced acquisition scheduled to close in early April 2020 will increase our annual revenue to $7.5 million. That number is poised to grow even larger as new patients and providers sign up every day

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HealthLynked is a client of PCG Advisory, Inc., an investor relations and communications firm. Please see our disclosures on our website

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HealthLynked’s founder, Dr. Michael Dent, has proven his visionary leadership in the past as the Founder, Chairman and CEO of NeoGenomics Laboratories—one of the world’s largest genetic cancer testing facilities currently with a $3.5 billion market cap on NASDAQ

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HealthLynked is a client of PCG Advisory, Inc., an investor relations and communications firm. Please see our disclosures on our website

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With a visionary platform that is already meeting urgent needs in the digital healthcare market and exciting plans to expand their network nationwide, HealthLynked is poised for rapid growth